Sunday, December 11, 2011

Acronym Gang Holds Taxpayers Hostage

You want less cow poop in the Samish River?  You want to keep Samish Bay open?  Maybe even get the bay re-classified back to where it was before we started spending your money?  Then it'll cost ya' even more!

Skagit Leeks learned that Skagit County and the Acronym Gang (CSI, PIC, EPA, DOE, DOH, CD, SCEA) have gotten another big wad of our taxpayer dollars.  Looks like now it will be close to another half a million bucks of our money the Environmental Protection Agency handed over to the State Department of Health.

And just look at the results they've gotten with the millions of taxpayer dollars they've already spent over the past three years!  Less than 100 Fecal Coliform units/100 ml of water is safe for people like us.  (Those would be the blue symbols.  See any of those on this map?)  Even yellow dots wouldn't be quite so frightening.  Instead ... look below to see what we get.

Hey!  How about just having the landowners put diapers on the cows?  That's a lot cheaper than $480,000 of our money.  Then all those dollars could be spent on more critical areas:  re-hiring teachers, feeding kids who go to bed hungry at night, keeping the elderly warm and safe.

It's not even clear how they plan to spend that money.  The December 10 Skagit Valley Herald reported, "The $480,000 ... will help hire another full-time staff member in the county Health Department ... "

And yet, an actual copy of the proposal submitted by Skagit County stated that all additional personnel hired with these new funds will be added to Public Works and Planning.

So we at Skagit Leeks ask:  Who's on First?


  1. I am many years of data is there? Was there ever a time that the river was clean?

  2. I suspect the river has never been truly clean because my friends, who have lived in this area for 70-80 years, talk about dead cows floating down the Samish River.

    Perhaps the information provided at the following link will be helpful to you.

    And thank you for being interested enough to ask and bold enough to overcome the challenge of commenting on a blog!

    If you're not able to copy and paste the link in order to make it work, write to me at and I will send you the link directly. (It's on the County Website.)