Friday, December 2, 2011

Clean Samish Initiative Boondoggle Continues to Fleece Taxpayers

If Yosemite Sam peered into our pretty Samish River during a rain storm, we'd hear his gravelly voice point out, "That's poop flowin' in that thar river."  And he'd be right!  It's mostly cow poop from landowners who are allowed by county ordinances to erect their fences along the very edge of the banks of all local waterways.

We're in the third year of a big, expensive effort to clean up the mess.  And yet, when it rains around here ... the poop still flows.

CSI (yup, just like the TV show) uses expensive DNA testing to calculate how the poop from field mice stacks up against that of livestock.  The answer doesn't seem like rocket science to us at Skagit Leeks.

This clean-up project got close to $1 Million in grant money from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), because polluting the water is supposed to be a violation of the Federal "Clean Water Act."

That million bucks wasn't enough to fund the legions out there dipping and testing and educating recalcitrant farmers.  So our Commissioners have added even more, a big chunk of the $1 Million taxpayers fork over annually for the Clean Water Tax.

But even that wasn't enough to fund this bungled project.  Skagit Leeks learned today from a reliable source that the CSI team has asked the State Health Department for yet another grant worth an additional $480,978!

"Ooh-ee!"  Yosemite Sam would exclaim.  "That's a lotta' dough to throw at cow poop in the water when teachers are bein' laid off and kids are goin' hungry."  We think Sam would be ashamed of those with their hands out asking for money that will just flow down that river along with all that poop.

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  1. it's sad that farmers think its okay to let their cattle poop in the river....