Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Lady of the Slough Pot Roast

This is the perfect dish for a cold winter's night when you've been busy preparing for Holiday Company.  Plus it smells delightful while happily cooking in the oven.

See the Recipe HERE


  1. ooooh, looks positively yummy--although I might try doing it in the crock put instead of the oven. :)

  2. Must have this for dinner tonight!! I'm going to the store right now--torrential rain and all.

  3. Now for a techno-challenged comment: I thought I was following you from the get-go, but it hasn't been showing up, although you come up on my Blogger reading list and you're on the sidebar Blog List on my blog. Hmm. Anyway, I just did "follow" again. Sorry if you thought I hadn't been. I have no idea what goes on out there in cyberland. Oh, and no explanations necessary. I probably wouldn't understand them anywya.