Tuesday, January 24, 2012


The amazing original artistic creation "Water Dragon 2012" by Diana Moll of Santa Cruz (CA) was enhanced by my favorite framer Guy Wilson of Mount Vernon (WA).

Diana Moll's prints can be ordered from the website ETSY.  And Guy Wilson can be found at Wilson Picture Framing HERE.

The final product was like frosting on the cake!

In the picture below, the bonding of two of our bunnies Chico and Zoey is the "cake" . . .  and seeing them together, filling the big empty place left by the loss of our sweet Savannah is the "frosting."

How lucky we are to have both.


  1. Dangit, BL--now I'm wanting cake w/frosting! Preferably chocolate...mmmmmmmmmmm, chocolate...

  2. what an adorable photo of Chico and Zoey....