Friday, January 13, 2012

Light Up Dinner

Friends came over for a special dinner the other night:  Fontina Lasagna and a new recipe for Garlic "Bread" (made from Pillsbury biscuits).

My stove caught on fire, smoke was wafting through the house, and we had to open all the doors and windows.  "Outdoor" dining at its finest.

Fun and second helpings were had by all.

Note from the Cook:  Lasagna bubbled over, leaving a hefty-sized glob on the bottom of the oven.  Then the impatient cook cranked up the heat to 450 degrees (instead of 400) to bake the bread, resulting in "smoke-filled ambiance" and bread that was a wee bit black on the bottom. 

We ate every one of the little suckers anyway.  Everything was delicious!

Recipes found here:  LASAGNA   and   GARLIC BREAD