Sunday, January 15, 2012

Who's Going to Clean Up This County?

-  Shenanigans at the County Assessor's Office
-  Major thievery at the highest levels of Tri-dent Seafoods
-  Unmentionable mischief in our Dike Districts
-  City of Burlington fails financial audit
-  Thief working at the County Treasurer's Office
-  Top levels of Skagit Hospice rocked with scandal
-  Cow poop afloat in the Samish River
-  Drug dealings galore
-  Taco stand kicked out of Woolley


As Quick Draw McGraw would say:  "What we have here
is a culture problem, Baba Looey."


  1. Si, Senor Queekstraw. A lot of cleaning up to do!

  2. I want to clean up the ditches, streams, and rivers in Skagit County! Next opportunity - canoe the Nookachamps with camera and GPS! Anyone interested?