Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Year of the Dragon

Skagit Leeks has just learned of  Assessor Don Munks' unfortunate accident this morning when he backed into a 69-year-old woman with his car.  The woman was was apparently on foot when struck by Mr. Munks' car.

Initial reports say that her injuries were minor, and no citations (at this time) have been issued to Mr. Munks by the Sheriff's Office.

January 23 will be the beginning of the Chinese Zodiac Year of the Dragon.  Since we at Skagit Leeks already know of some difficulties Assessor Munks will be confronted with as this Year of the Dragon unfolds, we suggest he consider hanging the correct number and color of Tibetan Prayer Flags in his office.

They come in many colors, and it is important to have the correct combination of colors and symbols in order to enhance their power in bringing peace and good luck to the person using the flags.

Based on Mr. Munks' unfortunate beginning of this brand new year, we encourage him to consult his favorite expert on this long-standing Tibetan practice.  We believe he will need all the help he can get.


  1. What an awful start to the new year for the unfortunate lady. She probably needs some prayer flags, too.


  2. Uggg...so sad for that lady. I can hardly wait for the Dragon Year. Monkey's have the best time. Let's get this party started!!