Sunday, February 12, 2012

Where's the Beef?

Remember this picture from the January 29th post, "Red Herrings in the Samish"?

Here's the scoop on the project.  It cost $20,000 to put in the culvert, 1200 feet of fencing, and 300 plants ... to keep 2 (t-w-o) horses from pooping in a ditch.

After all the hoopla made by Clean Samish Initiate (CSI) members over this project (colored pictures in brochures, bus tours, etc.), surely the ditch must head directly to the Samish River, right?

Nope.  Take a look at the map.

The red "X" is the property with the two horses.  The ditch goes into one end of Cranberry Lake (marked "pond" on the map).  Then Swede Creek flows out of the lake and travels a good three miles before it empties into the Samish River.

So, why do all the CSI Folks make such a big deal about this one project completed back in 2010?

Is it possible it's the only thing they've done?

How about showing us improvements that would make a real difference, like this spot with plenty of livestock grazing right above the banks of the Samish River?

There's the river on the right side of the picture below.  Look at that mud.

Here's another look.  Guess where the heavy spring rains are going to wash this muddy mess.  Right into the Samish River.

Talk about a chance to stop pollution in its tracks!

These are the "before" pictures from last spring.  It's been almost a year, CSI Folks.  Where are the colorful "after" pictures?


  1. Uh, well...maybe they were working on some other projects that probably belong to individuals who are getting some sort getting preferential treatment? Or who will benefit from the publicity? Or who can manage to get the CSI to do at city or county expense those things they wouldn't do at their own expense?? Oops, did I say that?

  2. All of that for two horses pooping in a ditch? Cow poop everywhere else??? Somethings will never make sense to me.