Sunday, March 4, 2012

Speak up, Post, Tweet and Vote

A nasty backdrop on the stage of the 2012 elections is an escalating assault on a woman's most basic right:  control over her body.  A movement, cloaked in ultra conservative and religious rhetoric, is challenging those same reproductive rights American women fought for and won more than sixty years ago.

An amendment allowing bosses to call the shots on covering birth control for female employees was tacked onto a transportation bill.  Talk of imposing invasive, unnecessary medical procedures on women before they can terminate a pregnancy is targeted solely at the female side of the reproductive equation.

How about this instead?  Let's mandate that sexually active single males be forced to ingest saltpeter between the ages of thirteen and twenty-five.  We can test it on Rush Limbaugh to ensure it'll work without lingering side-effects.

A feisty friend in Texas is appalled that the whole issue is being dragged into the political limelight,  "I feel like we have moved back to the Fifties with these ridiculous conversations about abortion and birth control ..." she writes.

Her response?  Posting this in facebook and ordering the t-shirt!

In fact, anyone who wants to win elections this year needs to back off from messing with women in any state.  June Cleaver doesn't live here anymore.  Women today fill more slots in college, capture more spots in medical school, and earn lucrative salaries in the workplace.  They simply won't tolerate politicians more interested in what they do in bed than how their tax dollars are spent.

Women make up 51 percent of the population in this country.  And they made enough racket a few weeks ago that even Helen Reddy heard them roar.

When Komen for the Cure severed funding for Planned Parenthood, women instantly reacted on facebook and twitter with a level of outrage that was amazing to behold.  Komen's organization reversed its stand, fired the executive responsible, and even the group's founder wound up on shaky ground.

This powerful group of citizens needs to voice their indignation over assaults on their rights, and then swamp the voting booths in November.  Misguided politicians who ignore the majority will be sent packing.  Back to the Dark Ages where they belong.

Sensible people in this country care about jobs, the economy, energy and education -- not tinkering with women's health care.  Those who wish to represent us need to wise up and focus on the big picture.

Women standing up for their rights vocally and in the voting booth will not only preserve their own freedom of choice, but also that of daughters and granddaughters.  In this 21st Century Time of Enlightenment, how could anyone want to return to the days when women were forced to either give birth to a dozen children or endure back alley abortions in unsanitary rooms?

Speak up, post, tweet and vote!

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  1. I'm still trying to figure out just who these politicians think they're currying favor with by these measures. After all, even conservative women use birth control--and I'm sure there's plenty of conservative men who have sex with women who use birth control (and are glad of it). Also, has it not occurred to any of them that if you ban birth control and abortion, you're going to end up with more babies, and babies have needs. Housing, food, clothing, medicine, education--all that puts a strain not only on parental budgets, but our national budget as well--and that's going to be far more expensive than what is currently spent on birth control alone.

    Honestly, I'd like to line them all up and deliver a kick in the groin to each and every one of them. If they could get pregnant, you'd be damn sure birth control would not only be covered by insurance, they'd be giving it away for free.

  2. Who is anyone that feels the right and the power to tell another person what to do with their own body and life? Why does anyone think they are more "Godlike, smarter or holy" than another? I totally hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhate politics and that combined with religious finatics makes me even more crazy!! Good grief...things really shouldn't be so hard. Religion...a way to control the masses. Politics...a way to control the masses. Ick, gag, puke!

  3. Agree, agree, agree!! Seen or heard about this: Georgia state women Democratic senators walk out on state senate vote supporting "war on women" at The Raw Story. Here's the URL: (sorry I don't know how to do it as a link)