Monday, January 6, 2014

Move Over Dr. Oz

Day 5 of my new sugar-free AND gluten-free regime, instigated by Suggie and Gluttie  -- from the last Skagit Leeks Post "2014 - Free at Last" -- is coming to a close.  A reason to celebrate.  I'm alive and had enough strength to walk a mile in 37 degrees today.  Then came in and made the most delicious Pot Roast with onions, carrots and celery.  Served with gluten-free rice and a glass of heart healthy red wine. The whole experience was sublime.

You already know Day 1 was saved by the discovery that Vodka and Coke Zero are both sugar and gluten free.  Well ... to that list we can now add:  eggs, organic heavy cream, butter and black olives.

Sounds promising, doesn't it?  Although not quite as "healthy" as I used to eat before I decided to really commit to Eating Healthy!  But, with an open mind to this new toxin-free approach to making dietary choices, I'm liking this a whole concept better than when starting on Day 1.

Day 2 brought a change to my morning coffee routine to include two Sweet 'n Lows, along with a healthy dose of Organic Valley Heavy Whipping Cream.  The carton reads:  "We give our Animals the Greenest Pastures and they give you Delicious Cream."  And all this time I've been missing out on this healthy, organic alternative to bottled creamer!

The only snag is that 1 TBS is 50 calories.  What an odd way to measure cream.  Who would ever use a single tablespoon?  I have no idea how much I pour in, but it is delicious.
The same goes for the butter.  I love butter!  In fact, I put almost 2 cubes of butter in the big batch of potatoes I made on Day 2 until they tasted just right.  Normally a little sour cream does the trick, but alas, sour cream has sugar.  So ... it's sugar-free gluten-free butter for me from now on.  This is another odd one:  1 TBS of butter is 100 calories, so 2 cubes of butter have to be 1,600 calories.  Hmmm ... seems like a lot, but they are healthy calories from happy cows.
On Day 3 I had 1/2 banana with my coffee for breakfast, then didn't have time to figure out what was safe to eat for lunch, so I just skipped it.  By 5 p.m. starvation had set in.  But lo and behold, The Husband brought in an 8-can box of black olives.  I love black olives!
In fact, they were so good, I ate a whole can.  And they, too, are totally sugar-free and gluten-free.  I was really getting the hang of this new dietary regime.  Without yet doing any research.  Simply by using common sense, rooting around the kitchen, and reading labels.  Oh!  The whole can of olives are only 300 calories.
The label reads:  "Fun at your Fingertips!  Eating smart is easy.  Our Pearls taste great, are naturally cholesterol-free and contain fewer calories and less fat than potato chips.  So eat well and have fun."
There you go.  Low calories AND cholesterol-free.  I bet Sapphire Martinis straight up with extra olives on the side are one of the healthiest things on the planet.
Tomorrow will be challenging.  My friend and I are driving to Seattle to get my harp which is waiting and has my name on it.  We will lay it gently on the cushy back seat of her beautiful new Lincoln.  But then, we need to find a place for lunch.
She suggested Marysville or Smokey Point.  The only place I've ever been in Marysville is Albertson's where I get 8 pieces of dark meat fried chicken which I eat in my car.  Not all 8, of course, but at least 3 hot juicy greasy ones.  Not sure if fried chicken has any sugar or gluten in it, so we better not take the chance.  And I thought Smokey Point was the name of a Rest Stop on I-5.
Last Saturday the woman who chopped off my beautiful long nails reluctantly painted them with a coat of silver glitter over the polish.  They are short, but quite pretty.  Hopefully short enough to pluck the strings of my new harp.  In addition to telling me "people don't use glitter on their nails except during the Holidays" -- advice I ignored -- she also told me a bit about the Chinese calendar:  January 31, 2013 to January 31, 2014 is the Year of the Snake.
Since I'm a Rooster, she said the Year of the Snake was very good for me.  I had no idea! After the Year of the Dragon, which absolutely sucked, I stopped paying attention to such things.  Although The Husband, who is a Dragon, had a wonderful year during the Year of the Dragon.
He even got a special award in recognition for his tireless hours of volunteer work in a variety of environmental areas.  He took water samples in the Samish River for years; planted trees and counted dead fish to protect the environment and endangered species for the future; and still does a number of things to keep the Fidalgo Bay delicate ecosystems in balance.  He goes out on chilly, blustery days to count smelt eggs, minuscule as they are.  I'm so proud of his accomplishments and the well-deserved award.
No awards for me, but the intriguing possibility of having 25 more lucky days left.  What great news!  That means cajoling lilting sounds from the strings of my harp; rejoicing that my computer is working again; having a healthier body; and maybe one day actually feeling better ... which both of the Healthy Hucksters promised when I began this journey.
Coincidentally, Suggie's flight from Peru to Seattle got held up in Houston, so she'll be a day or so late.  Bad weather she claims.  I think she's afraid to come home where her poor, aging mother has been struggling so hard to keep her body healthy, free of toxins, and fit.
That's all for now ... stay tuned.


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  1. Glad you're getting into your diet, hope it continues to go so well!

    Enjoy your harp, I don't think I realised you needed short nails for a harp, though it makes sense of course. And glitter is for whenever you want it!"

    Congrats to Fabbits Guy for his well deserved award.