Sunday, January 12, 2014

What Single Word Defines You

A speech my granddaughter wrote for a public forum in school.  Edited slightly for this venue. 

Written by Guest Blogger Tara Heuple, a Senior in High School
The word she selected is Strong
Sometimes being strong is the only choice you have.  I've seen strength shown in many people.  I was fortunate to go to Africa on a family trip last year and I saw strength on so many different levels.  I met a lady who walks three miles many times a day just to provide water for her family.  I met kids who walked four miles just to get an education.
They are strong in a different way than I've ever seen, and I admire them so much.  Not only on that trip did I realize how fortunate I am, but I also discovered my passion for helping less fortunate people.  I have a dream one day to make a difference in their lives.  I saw their strength ... which brought out my own.

Sometimes being strong is the only choice you have.  My inner strengths were tested when I found out my parents were getting a divorce.  At that point I had to believe in myself to be strong.  Not only for myself, but also for my younger sister.  I found myself on an emotional roller coaster frequently.  Looking back I realize that everything was going to be okay.

With my experience, I am able to listen with empathy and help people going through a similar situation.  One of my passions is helping and "being there" for others.  When I can share my strength with them, it warms my heart.  I believe hardships like this bring out inner strength.

Sometimes being strong is the only choice you have.  Being diagnosed with Scoliosis was not an ideal thing for me to hear ten years ago.  Eventually I accepted it and found my strength to accept that I was different from others.  I wore back braces for five years of my life.  I also endured Scoliosis Surgery.  Spending a long week in the hospital, having two metal rods fused to my spine.  And recovering for six months.

The rods in my back do cause me quite a bit of pain.  But they remind me that I am a strong individual, and I can overcome so many things.  That was probably one of the worst situations I've been put in.  But I discovered one of the most wonderful things about myself:  I am stronger than I think.

I stand before you today with your knowing I've seen poverty first-hand.  Knowing that I come from a broken family.  Knowing that I have two metal rods fused to my spine.  But also knowing that my experiences will help me reach my goals and dreams
Sometimes the only choice I had was to be strong.
Note:  I am so very proud of this beautiful spirit who is my granddaughter.  Dorothy Haase

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  1. Dorothy - what is your Word?
    I think mine is Accountable.
    Quite the challenge to find a single word!