Thursday, April 10, 2014

This is All about Love

**Written by Guest Blogger Lisa Fresolone **
edited by Dorothy Haase
Note:  Lisa has a bunny blog "Little Bun in the Big City" where she writes about "two groovy little lops in the Big Apple.  Pete Haase, Rabbit's Guy  (aka RG) wrote a bunny blog "A Houseful of Rabbits" daily for seven years.  Dorothy Haase, Bunny Lady (aka BL) had a more behind the scenes role. 
Both blogs are well known in the mysterious and wonderful world of bunny bloggers and they share many common followers.  To those of you who are not "bunny peeps" ... well ... prepare to be amazed at what you are missing about this magical world of bunnies in which we all reside.
This blog post was originally written and posted by Lisa after she and BL spent a while talking a few years ago.

 This is all about Love

"Before I begin, let me warn you that it may seem strange, at first, that I (who write about "two groovy little lops in Queens") am writing a post about two buns loved and lost from the Houseful of Rabbits (in the Pacific NW).  All will be revealed in time my friends. (Yes, that's a Chili Peppers quote).
Actually this may just sound really strange. And you may even be tempted to think BL and I are off our rockers.  But I ask you to read my story and then judge for yourself.  In any event ... here goes:
Scooter was a big, sweet bun that BL bought for her granddaughter, Tara.  Rejected by the Granddaughter's parents, he stayed with BL and RG at the Houseful of Rabbits.  BL loved him very much; he would often snuggle in bed with her and lick her face.
Unfortunately, Sooter was ill-fated.  He contracted a debilitating parasite in his brain, and in the summer of 2005, he had to be put down to save him further suffering.  BL was distraught.
(Look familiar?  Just wait.  Story gets stranger.)
Later, Stanley came to join the Houseful of Rabbits.  He was originally intended as a gift for RG's daughter, but he was unhealthy so BL thought it best to keep him  He struggled with illness for most of his sweet little life.
One day, BL was snuggling with Stanley in her bed, when she felt Scooter's presence there with her.  He was clearly reassuring her that he was ok; he was in a better place; and he was no longer suffering.  She was relieved, and was finally beginning to heal after the loss of Scooter.
But was it possible?  Scooter and Stanley had never met, yet BL was sure that she had felt Scooter's spiritual energy through Stanley.  Perhaps the answer is that, although the two had never met yet in this life, they were in fact ... soul mates.  Two live intertwined.  Two bodies, one spirit.
This is Stanley.
If you want to know what happens next, click on Read More below:

Stanley passed away in the Spring of 2008, around the same time Biffy came to live with me.  Is it possibly that Scooter was reborn, and that I found him in a pet shop in Manhattan? And that after Stanley had done his job of comforting BL, he passed away in order to be reborn and find his soul mate? 
And that Stanley was reborn as Randy/Sogna (originally thought to be a boy), only to suffer more before being dumped in a Staten Island shelter (January 20110), believed to be a lost cause and scheduled for euthanasia, but rescued by a wonderful woman with a NYC Rabbit Rescue ad Rehab, nursed back to health making a full (and unexpected) recovery, and later adopted?
Maybe it's just a bizarre series of coincidences.  But if any of this is even possibly real, then I'm beginning to be convinced that everything happens for a reason.  Two soul mates stayed apart so that Stanley would be around to help BL cope with the loss of Scooter.
And Sogna's foster mom was in the right place at the right tine to save her from death row.  And Biff and Sogna, who bonded almost right away meeting at the shelter on May 17, 2009, a little over a year after Stanley's passing.  (I was told at the time she was believed to be approximately a year old.)
And Biff and Sogna both happened to be at the shelter that day??  Had Biff and I gone to meet female rabbits (does) a day earlier, Sogna may not have been there.  Ours was Sogna's first introduction to a potential adopter.  Had we gone any later, Sogna may have gone to a different home.  Or Foster Mom may have decided to keep Sogna, which she was already considering heavily. 

If any of these coincidences had not worked out the way they did, these two soul mates may have had to wait another lifetime to finally be reunited.

And maybe I joined Blogger so that I could meet BL, befriend her, and let her know that the souls of her boys live on in Biff and Sogna, happily ever after."

Happily Ever After ... whatever their true names may be.
Postscript:  Sogna passed over the Rainbow Bridge on April 9, 2012 and is waiting for Biff to find her again.
A word about Easter here.  Too many baby bunnies end up in Tommy's and Amy's Easter baskets along with the jelly beans and yellow marshmallow peeps.  Little does Tommy know that the baby bunny stuck into his Easter basket is really EB White.  And EB White is the soul mate of Angelina, the bunny purchased and stuffed into Amy's basket.
Both bunnies deserve to have a chance to be together, rather than a "toy" for a kid's Easter Basket just because they are tiny and adorable.  Bunnies are little spirits who think and feel and deserve to be treated with the gentleness and love and care they deserve.  There are many of us who open our hearts and our homes to these special little beings.
When Easter comes this year, please buy Tommy and Amy a chocolate bunny instead of EB White or Angelina.  Within a week, Tommy and Amy will have moved on to the newest electronic game.  But EB White and Angelina could be abandoned in a cage without food and water, feeling alone and afraid.  Or they could hop out of little arms, run across the yard and into the claws of any number of the animals who prey on baby bunnies.
And that's how it ends.  Empty Easter baskets long forgotten.  And EB White and Angelina deprived of their one chance to be together like Biff and Sogna.
Bunny Love is one of the most special bonds that exist.  So, take Tommy and Amy for a picture with the Big Easter Bunny in the Mall; then put a big solid chocolate bunny into their Easter Baskets this year; and feel good about the choice you made. 
In the end ... Easter is and always has been ... all about love

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