Sunday, May 4, 2014

K'Z Bistro is a Hidden Treasure

Last week I made an offer on a piece of property that I want with my whole heart and soul; with every fiber of my being.  Thanks to the assistance of many people, I overcame every single roadblock, and my attorney Craig Sjostrom (it's Norwegian) emailed my offer to those who were waiting to receive it.

Now we wait ...

I like to eat while I wait.  And lo and behold, right next door to Mr. Sjostrom's office is the most delightful little Bistro I've ever seen.


You know how you can't find any place to park in Downtown Mt. Vernon?  Well ... to eat at K'Z you have many easy choices.  Park in front of the MV post office (which is right across the street).  Park in front of the legal offices next door (they say 30 min but the cops never check).  Or park anywhere on the street around there.  LOTS of parking.  Look for the bright yellow door near the corner.

There's all kinds of bakery, even if one is eating Gluten Free.

Since it was a special day, I chose to have a late breakfast in the Gazebo, which has a delightful waterfall and pond behind it.  So ... I was serenaded the whole time by my favorite sound of water rushing over rocks.

Kathy, the owner, brought out my order:  a plate of scrambled eggs smothered with cheese, the best freshly made hash-browns ever, sausage, and a bit of watermelon salad.  She also adorned my table with a caraft of hot coffee, large containers of sugar  and real cream.  Delectable food in a heavenly atmosphere.

Or if you want a big gooey Apple Fritter Cinnamon Roll to-go for work ... stop in and grab one as she takes them out of the oven.


K'Z Bistro is all about fresh and delicious.  She has both indoor and outdoor seating, plus the lovely gazebo.

So ... if you live or work near Mt. Vernon, do check out this hidden treasure:  K'Z Bistro.  Food is outstanding; bakery is off the chart; prices are low; and parking is a snap.

Plus, if you're a woman, you're supporting a female small business entrepreneur.  We all know what  a dicey proposition it is to get a small business up and running.  This little gem deserves our support.

I brought home a cinnamon roll for George, who is a connoisseur and a chocolate brownie thing for me that I did not share.  We both sat in silence (which was a welcome change) and "ate the whole thing."

Google K'Z Bistro for more fabulous pictures! or click on:

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