Saturday, August 2, 2014

Around Town

What’s wrong with this picture? 

Earlier this week, a couple of members of Familias Unidas por la Justica (i.e., outside agitators) showed up in front of the Sakuma Farm Office in a BMW.  They spent much time sitting on buckets playing computer games … while the people they were “representing” were bent over working in the fields in the heat.

Oh Rosalinda Guillen … your band of Bright-Eyed Idealists need more information and training when representing the “down-trodden.”  At least tell them to leave the Beemers at home!

Sheriff Deputy patrols area Friday at noon.  No protesters intimidating workers coming to get their pay.

Sheriff Will Reichardt gets my vote in November.


Sakuma Market Stand … Still Standing!

Berries and products from Sakuma Market Stand remain best deal in town for “just picked” freshness and taste.  All their berries are fresh, fragrant and wonderful.

Ignore silly protesters standing on Cook Road like lost sheep.

Curly, Larry and Mo Breaking Up

Sharon Dillon not running for re-election in November.  Skagit Leeks is sure Larry and Mo will follow suit.

Skagit County needs intelligent, educated Commissioners to run our county.  No more Good ol’ “Boys” who know more about getting milk from an udder than how to represent the citizens of such a growing and diverse county.

Growth Plan on BayView Ridge bungled beyond recognition and repair. 

Phony “retirements” of key county managers for petty reasons.  (Henry Hash snapped up by City of Tucson and Peter Browning courted by Bill Gates.)

Bay closures trump millions of dollars spent on Clean Samish Initiative.

After Dillon bites the dust, Ron Wesen and Ken Dahlstedt have to go.  Ryan Walters … we need you!

Munks Stops Padding his Pension

Skagit County Assessor, Don Munks not running for re-election.

As citizens recall, Munks was awarded the spot over the highly qualified heir apparent, Dave Thomas.  The night before the Public Hearing, GOP Big Wigs gathered in the basement of local funeral home.  Sniffing too much formaldehyde perhaps?

Now that his pension has been maxed out, Munks steps aside so Dave Thomas – the experienced professional we’ve needed for years – can rescue the shambles left in the wake of Munks’s blunders.  Assessor’s Office will operate in an honest and competent manner.  Keep your eye on Don's Clean Water Tax, Dave.

Dave Thomas has my vote in November.


Quality Drops … Customers Flock

Family owned Haggen Grocery sold out to Comvest, Florida investment firm, in 2011.  Took less than 3 years for Comvest to run it into the ground. 

“We will find a place for Andy Haggen,” I was assured by CEO John ... from Bellingham on July 1. 

Andy Haggen was recently fired after he closed yet another Haggen store.

All that’s left are some special employees, great Paninis and best butcher in the county.

Even the seafood manager bails out and joins the Safeway team after quality of Haggen seafood drops to new low.


New Manager at Mt.Vernon Safeway

Although Craig is sorely missed after 15 years, Mike gets two thumbs up so far. 

Store is full of people who put the Customer First. 

And Seafood Department is top notch!


Olive Garden Brings Back Favorite

Menu in Olive Garden in Burlington once again has to-die-for Braised Beef with Tortellini and Creamy Marsala.

Ladies, leave Hubby at home and ask for GQ to be your server.


Bob’s Burger and Brew has best deal on Martini and Fried Prawns!

 Sapphire Martini is huge!



Fried Tiger Prawns are outstanding


Place is noisy, but food is great! 


 Shopping is like Putting Money in the Bank!

Christopher & Banks / CJ Banks in Burlington Outlet Mall.  Great deals on fabulous clothes.  Ask for Debbie.  She’s better than having a personal shopper!





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