Saturday, December 27, 2014

DOG is MY Copilot

Alice finally gave up on men and got a dog.  Then wondered why she hadn’t thought of that years ago.

She rescued a 9-year-old Pomeranian from Furbaby, a local group that rescues small dogs.  This particular little fur baby had lost her person, and was all alone in the world.
It was love at first sight for both of them.  Since Alice never had a dog before, the little Pom took charge of their relationship and showed her the ropes.  In no time at all Alice learned more than she ever wanted to know about picking up dog poop, along with the other key aspects of having a canine companion.

Alice had collected all sorts of bunny paraphernalia over the years.  So it was only natural that she had to now acquire dog stuff:  a car seat for safe riding, a soft bed for resting during the day, little bowls and dishes for her food, and LOTS of special “healthy” dog food that cost $3.50 a can. 

The dog’s favorite is Duck with Sweet Potatoes.   Alice would have made the same selection had she been a dog … except for the CAN aspect of moist food.

Alice and the little black dog, Chessie, bonded instantly and within a day or two became inseparable.  That meant the dog needed to be able to go to all the places Alice visited on a daily basis:  grocery stores, the mall, medical offices, restaurants.   Everywhere Alice went, the little Pom was glued to her side. 

Fortunately, on the artisan website etsy ( Alice found a way to get Chessie authorized as an Emotional Support Service Dog.  She doesn’t wear a little green vest, but has a special ID card that gives her entrée to Alice’s world.

To ensure the dog’s acceptability everywhere, Alice had her little pink halter embroidered with “Service Dog” at a local embroidery shop after showing Chessie’s Emotional Support ID card.

Fortunately for everyone, Chessie is a well-trained, quiet, friendly, sweet, adorable, loving little black fur ball … who leaves joy and smiling faces in her wake as she strolls through the mall … or rides in Alice’s grocery cart in the local food stores.


Chessie came into Alice’s life two months ago, but neither of them can imagine life any other way.  They whiz through town with Chessie as canine copilot.  Breeze through the stores in the mall … little black feet churning to keep up with the Asics-clad walking feet beside her.  Sprawl out on the couch with their respective blankies when Alice reads.  And of course the two of them sleep together … bodies pressed up against each other in security and love.

2014 was a difficult year for Alice.  So she is convinced the Goddess brought Chessie into her life as a reward for making it through intact.  The people who operate Furbaby Rescue called it “a match made in Heaven” and both Alice and Chessie agree.

There is absolutely no substitute for unconditional love.

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